Films sur l'Art

  Arts plastiques  /  Suivis de créations 


Réalisation : Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre:  Suivi de création - 2018 - HD - 10'

L'artiste Tadashi Kawamata construit la LOVE TOWER lors de la Biennale d'Art Contemporain Anglet 2018 La Littorale#7 Chambre(s) d'Amour



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Georges Rousse, Space(s) Poetic Metamorphosis

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Music: Julie Rousse

Genre:  Suivi de création - 2014 - vidéo - 10’


Short documentary relating the creation of three different installations by Georges Rousse in Bordeaux Base sous-marine, during his exhibition  September-December 2014.

Scenography by Daniele Martinez.

Commissioned by Ville de Bordeaux.

  Arts plastiques  /  Portraits  

ZIGOR - Basque sculptor

Directors:  Caroline de Otero

Genre:  Artist portrait - 2010 - vidéo - 17'


Portrait realised in 2010 for his exhibition at Bordeaux Base sous-marine.

Born in Aretxabaleta in the Basque country, Zigor carves wood, he fires the best of its fibers, veins and knots. He finds in  philosophy, poetry and mystic, the source of his creativity.





Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre:  Artist portrait - 2011 - 17'


Portrait of the american artist, Pierre Clerk, realised for his exhibition at Bordeaux Base sous-marine in 2011. Pierre Clerk's abstract, geometrical works are held in many museums and galleries in the United States and Canada. He is living now in the south-west of France,

Jeannette Leroy, Résonnance du silence

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre:  Artist portrait - 2012 - video - 17’


Portrait of Jeannette Leroy, french painter, women of the XXth century, a free spirit and a philosopher. This film has been realised for the exhibition "Echo of the Silence" at Bordeaux Base sous-marine in October 2012.

Scenography by Daniele Martinez.

Commissioned by Ville de Bordeaux.



  Arts plastiques  /  Résidence d'Artistes  

Réalisation:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud  


L'artiste chinois Lin Bao a passé quatre semaines en Juin 2015 en Résidence à BoiSakré productions - Biarritz. Catherine Guillaud et Caroline de Otero ont réalisé ce film relatant l'expérience.

Musique : "Fall to pieces - Silence" by mika - 2010 - et "Reverie (small theme)" by _ghost - 2010 - Licensed under Creative Commons

Live music : Pascale Fauveau et Marc Lafaurie - Cie Sed Etiam

Remerciements : Service des Affaires Culturelles Biarritz, Tinta création

Biarritz Experience # Lin Bao
Biarritz Experience # Cristian Sida

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

In April 2015, before his exhibition at Gallery Anne Broitman Biarritz, Cristian Sida, Romanian painter, spent a week at BoiSakré productions' artist residency. 


Biarritz Experience # Sally Mara Sturman

Réalisation:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre:  Suivi de résidence - 2014 - vidéo - 7’


Winter 2014, Sally Mara Sturman, water color artist from Brooklyn USA, spent five weeks at BoiSakré productions artist residency in Biarritz France.

Live concert by Luc Marie-Sainte

Musics : Cylinder Six by Chris Zabriskie and Led by the dress colored in red by Augustus Bro & Gallery Six. Available on the Free Music Archive under CC BY licence



  Arts plastiques  /  Captation - Re création d'expositions  

Cantabile per archi, une installation de Li Chevalier

Directors:  Catherine Guillaud & Caroline de Otero

Music: Pēteris Vasks

Genre:  Art Film - 2014 - vidéo - 12'

An installation by Li Chevalier at Bordeaux base sous-marine in 2014.
Commissioned by lnstitut Culturel Bernard Magrez.



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Réalisation : Caroline de Otero

Genre:  Captation d'exposition - 2021 - HD - 1'40''


Clip réalisé à l'occasion de l'exposition de l'artiste Caroline Secq à la Crypte Ste Eugénie à Biarritz.


Chantal SORE - Femme et Peintre

Réalisation : Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre:  Captation d'exposition - 2020 - HD - 10'

L'exposition "Chantal Sore, Femme et peintre" s'est déroulée du 24 janvier au 01 mars 2020 à la Crypte Ste Eugénie à Biarritz. Elle rassemblait 14 années de peinture et dessin.



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BIARRITZ, 1918 & 2018

Réalisation : Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre:  Captation d'exposition - 2019 - HD - 5'45''


Cette exposition est une conversation entre 2 époques : 1918 est illustré par le séjour de Picasso à Biarritz. 2018 est le 10ème anniversaire de l'école d'art des Rocailles, qui fonctionne autour d'artistes invités : 10 de ces artistes sont exposés ici.



ZIGOR / Voir dans l'ombre

Réalisation:  Caroline de Otero 

Genre:  Captation d'exposition - 2018 - HD - 6'


Exposition à l'Espace Bellevue - Biarritz du 17 février au 8 avril 2018 Un clip de Caroline de Otero et Catherine Guillaud, produit par BoiSakré productions Musique: Constancy Part 2 - The Descent par Kevin MacLeod distribué sous la licence Creative

Una pasion privada

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre:  Captation d'exposition - 2015 - vidéo - 5'

A short film about the exhibition "Una pasion privada, collection Circa XX, Pilar Citoler" presented in the Bellevue Space - Biarritz, summer 2015.

This exhibition was organised by  Service des Affaires Culturelles de la Ville de Biarritz and IAACC Serrano Museum - Saragosse.

   Danse  / Suivis de créations  

The Beauty and the Beast

Directors :  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre :  Documentary - 2016 - vidéo - 26'


Documentary relating the creation of Thierry Malandain's ballet : Starting with the first meeting between the choreographer and the dancers in  the studio, the technical installation of the stage,... until the premiere in San Sébastian

The Bournonville Academy in Biarritz

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre:  Documentary


Bournonville in Biarritz is founded on the genuine Bournonville Academy, which took place twice in United-States and four times in Copenhagen from 1985 to 1992 and for the first time in France in 2009. Auguste Bournonville has a leading and special role in Danish and international Dance History. In July 2014, the Academy gave the opportunity to sixty young dancers to discover and practice this choreographer style and repertory. With the exceptional participation of major personnalities involved in Auguste Bournonville's legacy.

OROITZEN NAIZ... I remember...

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Choreography: Mizel Theret

Genre:  Suivi de création - 2012 - vidéo - 52'


Documentary about the creation of Mizel Théret's choreographic piece. The film questions the aging process of a dancer's body as well as the capacity of the body to remember. 



Cinderella, twelve months a creation

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Music: Sergueï Prokofiev

Choreography: Thierry Malandain

Genre:  Documentary - 2014 - vidéo - 52' and 26'


Documentary relating the creation of Thierry Malandain's ballet : Starting with the first meeting between the choreographer and the costum designer, then going to rehearsals in  the studio, the technical installation of the stage, Orchestra of Euskad tuning their instruments, to end with the Première in Versailles theater, .


In the moon light...

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Choreography:  Gaël Domenger

Genre:  short documentary - 2012 - video - 9'


In September 2012, CCN Malandain Ballet Biarritz invited the Académic Drama Ballet from Ekaterinburg (Russia). Choreography Gaël Domenger - Music Gabriel Prokofiev - Lights Jean-Claude Asquié.



The  student's ballet

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre:  Documentary - 2012 - vidéo - 30'

Music: Manuel de Falla


Genre:  Documentary - 2012 - vidéo - 24'


L'Amour Sorcier, choreography by Thierry Malandain

Malandain Ballet Biarritz is a partner of the Inter-university meetings UPPADanse, created by Pau University (Pays de l’Adour). During one week, students from all over France are taking part into a choreographic residency at Malandain Ballet Biarritz. They are taught a Thierry Malandain's ballet by Dominique Cordemans, in charge of the repertory transmission and the public education at the National Choreographic Center. 


Directors:  Caroline de Otero et Catherine Guillaud

Choreography: Thierry Malandain

Music: Guillaume Connesson

Genre:  Suivi de création - 2011 - 26'


The documentary "LUCIFER" recounts the creation process of the choreographer Thierry Malandain's ballet, performed by his company Malandain Ballet Biarritz in 2011. The music was especialy composed by Guillaume Connesson, played by the Pau-Pays de Béarn Orchestra, and directed by Fayçal Karoui, also musical director of the New-York City Ballet. We discover the work of these three creators and of a whole host of musicians and dancers.


Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Choreography: Thierry Malandain

Music: Hector Berlioz

Genre:  Documentary - 2010 - 26' and 52'


This documentary reveals all the stages of the creation of the Ballet "Romeo & Juliette" choreographied by Thierry Malandain in the Biarritz National Choreographic Center : from the birth of the creation process with the dancers in the studio, until the Premiere in Verona Teatro Romano, 

   Danse  / Captations - Re créations  


Directors  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Choreography: Mizel Theret 

Genre:  dance - 2018 - vidéo - 60'

Music : Mikel Laboa « Lekeitioak »

A red rectangle drawn on the ground limits the space, a man, alone, younger, broken wings and the stiff neck collides at its corners. The image is strong, Mizel Théret for this new creation dialog with five experimental pieces of Mikel Laboa from Lekeitioak. A body to body that slides into the interstices of the soul of the Basque singer and redraws the space. The liberating dance then gushes forth like a cry and in its breath and breath Mizel Théret delivers new lands by letting see the song of Mikel Laboa, as rarely it is given the opportunity to hear it. Lights: Frédéric Béars Exterior look: Johanna Etcheverry


Réalisation:  Caroline de Otero

Genre:  Captation danse - 2017 - vidéo - 26'


A choreography by Fábio Lopez for illicite company

Musics : Gustav Mahler, Amalia Rodrigues, Amon Tobin, Madredeus (mix by Vincent Brisson)

Costumes : Fábio Lopez, Karine Prins

Dancers : Ambre Badin, Loïc Consalvo



Directors :  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Choreographer : Fabio Lopez

Genre:  Captation de danse - 2016 - vidéo - 61'


Extract of the captation of Fabio Lopez' ballet for Illicite company . Music : Thierry Escaich, Lights : Christian Grossard, Costumes : Hervé Poeydomenge, Sound mix : Vincent Brisson Dancers : Eléonore Dugué, Aureline Guillot, Fábio Lopez, Virginia Negri, Geoffrey Piberne. Régie générale : Aitz Amilibia

Poil de carotte
... au lac
XORIEN IHESA / la fuite des oiseaux

Directors :  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Choreographer : Mizel Theret 

Genre:  Captation de danse - 2016 - vidéo - 60'


Last part of the trilogy dedicated to birds, Xorien ihesa, is a piece for six dancers by Mizel Théret.

Dancers: Matxalen Bilbao, Eneka Bordato-Riaño, Gaël Domenger, Johanna Etcheverry, Robert Jackson

Musics: Chants polyphoniques basques (Javier Bello Portu), chants migratoires des grues (recorded by Pierre Vissler)

... au lac
... au lac

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Choreographer :  Johanna Etcheverry

Genre:  Captation ballet - 2016 - vidéo - 21'


Captation of short choreographies from the 2016 Traversées workshops at the Lac Marion

HIRU ZITROIN LUR HOTZEAN / Three lemons on the cold floor

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Choreography:  Mizel Théret

Genre:  Captation ballet - 2013 - vidéo - 77'


A choreography by Mizel Théret in collaboration with the dancers Eneka Bordato-Riaño,  Gaël Domenger, Johanna Etcheverry.

Music  Beñat Achiary

Video captured at La Fundicion Bilbao Theater.



Directors:  Catherine Guillaud & Caroline de Otero

Genre : Contemporary Art Festival / Hendaye / Hondarribia - 2016 - vidéo - 8'


Les Noces
Festival 2D2H - 2016
Les Noces

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Choreographer:  Fabio Lopez

Music: Igor Stravinsky

Genre:  video capture of a choreographic piece - 2015 - 23'


"Les Noces" by Igor Stravinsky, choreographied by Fabio Lopez.

Sponsored by Stravinsky Foundation (Switzerland).

INÊS, a choreography by Fabio Lopez

Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Choreography: Fabio Lopez

Music: Arvo Pärt

Genre:  Short documentary and capture


This choreography by Fabio Lopez performed by Ellyce Daniele and Nuria Lopez Cortes, won the 3rd price at the Contemporary Choreographic Competition  of young companies Les Synodales 2012 at Sens Theater.



   Théâtre  / Captations - Re créations  

Marx et la poupée

Lecture : Maryam Madjidi

Création musicale : Clotilde Lebrun

Interprète en langue des signes : Aude Jarry

Genre:  Spectacle - 2018 - vidéo - 58'

Re-création de la lecture musicale signée d'après le livre de Maryam Madjidi, édition Le Nouvel Attila, Lecture : Maryam Madjidi, Création musicale : Clotilde Lebrun, Interprète en langue des signes : Aude Jarry. Sur une envie de : Cathie Simon-Loudette en accord plein et entier avec Le Nouvel Attila. Mise en scène : Raphaël France-Kullmann



  Musique - Clip   


Directors:  Caroline de Otero & Catherine Guillaud

Genre:  Music video clip- 2010 - vidéo - 4'


Collectif Ridial Sound's music clip, shot on the Rocher du Basta in Biarritz, with Acet Mollo, Baasic, P.O.K, DJ Skillz, recorded by Dupa prod 7th side.






Director:  Caroline de Otero

With:  Maïa Hou

Genre: Short fiction - super 8 black & white - 3 ' 45"


Set in the Socoa Fort and et the fishing port of St Jean de Luz, an autobiographical poem.

Music by Scott Altham "Never heard a rhyme like this before" / creative commons license




Directors :  Catherine Guillaud & Caroline de Otero

Genre:  Fiction - 2010 - 23'


A short documentary-fiction : From Marciac (France) to Harlem (New-York), an historical comedy involving Jazz, with Magnolia Pinto, Kathryn Walton Ward, Trevor Bird, Chris Niles, Rachel Bernus and Curtis Taylor.

  Documentaire en co-production  

A sob in the throat

Director :  Caroline de Otero 

Genre:  Documentary - 2017 - HD - 26'


Louis ARAGON (1897-1982) wrote "Gurs, a strange syllable, like a sob that cannot come out of the throat", concerning the internment camp built in 1939, between Oloron-Sainte-Marie and Navarrenx (Atlantic Pyrenees, south west of France), in order to "host" refugees from the Spanish Civil War, and then thousands of men, women and children till 1945.

Four survivors tell us of their life in the Gurs camp, which is the story of migrants of the past to nowadays refugees. It is our memory.

This documentary aims at never forgetting the dark hours of our history, and at passing on the values of the French motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", so as this history do not happen again : no more that ! never again...